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Township of Marmora and Lake

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  • 1821-

The Township of Marmora was attached to the County of Hastings by an act of the provincial Parliament of Upper Canada passed on 14 April 1821. The townships of Lake and Marmora were combined in a by-law passed by the County of Hastings on 11 June 1852. The township amalgamated with the Village of Deloro in 1998 and with the Village of Marmora in 2001.

Bishop's Seeds

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  • 1890-1990

Bishop's Seeds was established in Belleville, Ontario, by Charles Edward Bishop (1854-1941), who had immigrated from England in 1875. It remained a family firm in Belleville, selling seeds for farmers across Canada until its closure in 1990.

Capital City Chapter No. 242 R.A.M.

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  • 1869-

The Capital City Chapter No. 242 Royal Arch Masons was established on April 14th, 1869 in Albany, New York.

Belleville Lions Club

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  • 1953-

The Belleville Lions Club was incorporated in 1953.

Ontario Genealogical Society. Quinte Branch

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  • 1980-

On June 14th, 1980, the Quinte Branch was chartered as the 18th branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) covering the Bay of Quinte area that includes Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada.

Heaton's Agency

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  • fl.1920

Heaton's Agency was a publishing firm based in Toronto, Ontario.

MacLeod and Carre, P.L.S.

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  • 1861-1867

MacLeod and Carre were a firm of engineers and surveyors from Belleville, Ontario.

Marsh and Henthorn Ltd.

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  • 1897-1927

Lorne Wilmot Marsh (1871-1928) and William Henry Henthorn (1857-1911) took over the former G & J Brown foundry on Station Street in Belleville, Ontario, after the death of James Brown in 1897. Marsh had been the bookkeeper and Henthorn the superintendent mechanic for the earlier business. In 1912 the firm opened new premises on Franklin Street, where it operated until 1927 (latterly under the name Marsh Engineering Works) when the site was purchased by Stephens Adamson Manufacturing Ltd.

Canada. Department of the Interior

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  • 1 Jul 1873 - 30 Nov 1936

A department within the Canadian government created to manage land, immigration, Indigenous affairs and natural resources.

Ontario. Ministry of Transportation

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  • 1972 -

In 1916, the Department of Public Highways of Ontario was formed and took on the responsibility of establishing provincial highways.
On April 1, 1937, the Department of Northern Development was created and merged with the Department of Highways of Ontario.
In 1971, the Department of Highways assumed the responsibility for Communications, which prompted it to be renamed as the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in 1972.
It later became the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario in 1987.

Evans and Bolger

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  • c.1876-1881

John Dunlop Evans and Thomas Oliver Bolger were Ontario Provincial Land Surveyors who formed a partnership in Belleville, Ontario in around 1876. The partnership was dissolved in 1881 when Evans moved to Trenton, Ontario, to become the Chief Engineer of the Central Ontario Railway Company.

Philip Goldsmith & Company

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  • fl. 1995

Philip Goldsmith and Company was an architectural firm.


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  • fl. 2002-

GBCA is a firm of architects based in Toronto, Ontario. Website:

Pathfinder Air Surveys Ltd.

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  • fl. 1963-1987

A company that surveyed Belleville and area from the air during the 1960s to the 1980s.

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