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Foley Foundry & Machine Co. Ltd.

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1855-1961

The foundry was established in 1855 and operated as Walker Foundry, which manufactured agriculture machinery. In 1917, Francis "Frank" Bernard Foley and R.J. Graham purchased the factory from J.C. McCarthy to manufacture a line of evaporating and dehydrating machinery invented by Frank B. Foley. The business then became known as Fruit Machinery Company Limited. After World War I, the factory became a custom machine shop and foundry, repairing all types of machinery.

In 1948, the company became Foley Foundry & Machine Co. Ltd. Following Frank B. Foley's death in 1947, his son Frank H. Foley was elected President and General Manager. The Vice President of the business, the eldest son of Frank B. Foley, Thomas L. Foley, was killed in action while serving in the R.C.A.F. as a Bomber Pilot in World War II. A fire severely damaged the factory and its equipment in December 1960.

The business moved to a new building on Wallbridge Crescent in Belleville, ON, in 1961, operating as a repair and steel fabrication business. The company also operated as a supply business, distributing the products of Canadian Liquid Air Co. as well as automotive supplies on route to Cobourg, Kingston, and South to Picton, Ontario.

Ontario Business College (Belleville)

  • Corporate body
  • 1868-1999

The Ontario Business College was established as the Ontario Commercial College in Belleville, Ontario, in 1868 by Samuel G. Beatty and George Wallbridge. In 1871 Beatty purchased Wallbridge's share of the business and was joined by William Byron Robinson (1846-1921) and John Wesley Johnson. Beatty retired in 1879. The College was in operation in various locations in Belleville until it went into receivership in 1999.

Note that the Community Archives does not hold student transcripts for the Ontario Business College. Private career colleges in Ontario were not legally obligated to maintain student records (transcripts and/or diplomas) for any length of time until 2007.

Stirling Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1912-1996

The Stirling Women's Institute was established on 22nd January 1912. It closed in 1996.

Hastings West District Women's Institutes

  • Corporate body
  • 1901-

The Hastings West Women's Institutes District was organized on 8th January 1901. It covered the Women's Institute branches of Bay of Quinte, Chatterton, Pine Grove, River Valley, Sidney South, Stirling, Uniondale and Wallbridge in Sidney Township, Ontario.

Bay of Quinte Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1921-1998

The Bay of Quinte Women's Institute was organized on 17th February 1921. It operated in the southwest of Sidney township, Hastings County, Ontario. It closed in 1998.

Women's Christian Association

  • Corporate body
  • 1879-2018

The Women's Christian Association in Belleville, Ontario, held its inaugural meeting on 18th November, 1879. It was formed with the aim of establishing a hospital in the city, and a home for the aged. The organization was incorporated in 1907. Work started on the construction of the hospital in June 1884. In 1948 the Association turned ownership of the hospital over to the City of Belleville. The Association continued to fund healthcare related projects until 2018, when it was wound up, donating its remaining funds to Quinte Health Care toward the renovation of the Maternal Child Program at Belleville General Hospital.

Marmora Women's Institute

  • Corporate body
  • 1910-2001

The Women's Institute of Marmora, Ontario, was organized in 1910 and dissolved in 2001.

Alpha Dairies Ltd.

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1949

Alpha Dairies was located at 57 Cannifton Road in Belleville, Ontario.

Township of Rawdon

  • Corporate body
  • 1858-1997

The Township of Rawdon in Hastings County, Ontario, was incorporated in 1850. The village of Stirling was separated from the township in 1858 to become its own municipality. In 1998 the two amalgamated again to form the Township of Stirling-Rawdon.

Township of Stirling-Rawdon

  • Corporate body
  • 1998-

The Township of Stirling-Rawdon was formed in 1998 as an amalgamation of the municipal administrations of the Village of Stirling and the Township of Rawdon in Hastings County, Ontario.

Beta Sigma Phi (Bay of Quinte Area Council)

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1959-

Beta Sigma Phi is a non-academic sorority group which was established in Kansas in 1931. There have been a number of active Chapters in the Quinte region.

Quinte Field Naturalists

  • Corporate body
  • 1952-

The Quinte Field Naturalists Club was founded on January 16, 1952. A local committee of the Ontario Field Naturalists from the Entomology Laboratory at Bleecker and Dundas Streets in Belleville met with the Belleville Brown Thrasher Nature Club to form the Quinte Field Naturalists Club. An executive was chosen and the public invited to join the club through an article in the local newspaper. Meetings were held the first Monday of each month, usually at the Entomology Laboratory.
The Quinte Field Naturalists of Belleville were incorporated on January 2, 1991 according to information found within the fonds. The Quinte Field Naturalists is one of many member organizations belonging to Ontario Nature (formerly known as the Federation of Ontario Naturalists) headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Brock & Co.

  • Corporate body
  • fl.1906

Brock & Co. was a firm of photographers active in Trenton, Ontario in 1906.

Sheldon & Davis

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1865-1902

Sheldon and Davis was a photographic studio in Kingston, Ontario.

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