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Rubidge, Frederick Preston, D.P.S.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1806-1897

Frederick Rubidge was born March 10, 1806 in London, England. He emigrated to Upper Canada in 1825 to study surveying. In 1831, Frederick officially qualified as a provincial surveyor, later working for the Board of Works for the Province of Canada (Public Works). He also dabbled in architecture, drafting several prominent buildings, including the conversion of Rideau Hall to the official residence of the governor general of Canada, the Montreal Court House and the Parliament buildings. In 1872, Frederick received his dismissal from the government, as he was a civil servant over age 65. He died in Montreal on August 16, 1897.

Watson, William

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1936

Wiegand, Milton Paul

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  • b. 4 Jan 1925 - d. 12 May 2007