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Carman, Thomas Samuel

  • Person
  • 1840-1926

Thomas Samuel Carman was born in Prince Edward County, Ontario, on 24 October 1840. He was the proprietor of The Ontario Chronicle and also of the Carman Opera House in Belleville, Ontario. He died on 13 April 1926 at 228 Dundas Street East, Belleville.

Washburn, Stephen Miles

  • Person
  • 1817-1906

Stephen Washburn was born in Potsdam, New York. He published the Victoria Chronicle newspaper in Belleville, Ontario between 1843 and 1849. He died in Seabright, New York, in 1906.

Wilson, Joseph

  • Person
  • fl. 1848

Joseph Wilson was the publisher of a newspaper called Wilson's Experiment in Belleville, Ontario, in 1848.

Benedict, Rollin C.

  • Person
  • 1812-1879

Rollin Corrobus Benedict was born in Vermont in 1812. He published the Hastings Times and Farmer's Journal in Belleville, Ontario, in 1833. He died in Kingston, Ontario on 22 January 1879.

Lennox, Florence

  • Person
  • 1918-2016

Florence (Carr) Lennox was a lifelong resident of Belleville, Ontario. She was an artist who took up painting at the age of 50.

Barker, Lewis

  • Person
  • fl. 1917-1918

Lewis Barker was a rigger at Camp Rathbun near Deseronto, Ontario, during the First World War.

Lawlor, Ralph

  • Person
  • fl. 2015

Ralph Lawlor is a resident of Deseronto, Ontario.

Ostrander, Manly

  • Person
  • 1874-1943

Manly Ostrander was the child of Isaac Ostrander and Clarissa (Ferguson). He was the Principal of the Deseronto Public School.

Fairbairn, James

  • Person
  • b.1866

James Fairbairn was a photographer active in Deseronto, Ontario in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Macintyre, Archibald Duncan

  • Person
  • 1859-1921

Archibald Duncan Macintyre was born in Scotland and moved to Canada in 1876. He worked as an accountant for the Rathbun Company in Deseronto, Ontario, and wrote poems and songs in his free time. He died in Trenton, Ontario, in 1921 and was buried in Deseronto.

Fano, Donna

  • Person
  • fl. 2013

Donna Fano works as a teacher at the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in Belleville, Ontario, and looks after the school's archives and museum.

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