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Hubble, Lillie Alma

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1910-2000

Lillie Alma Weese was born in Huntingdon Township, Hastings County, Ontario, on 23 November 1910, the child of John-Edward Weese and Cena (Rollins). She married Cecil Edmund Hubble on 17 November 1943 and the couple lived in Foxboro. They had three daughters. Lillie died in Stirling, Ontario, on 16 February 2000.

Tremaine, George R.

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1806-1882

George Tremaine composed large wall maps of counties in southern Ontario from the 1850s and 1860s. He died 6 April 1882.

van Burren, Jack

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1989

Warren, Grace

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1965

Watson, William

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1936

Johnson, Mary Lloyd

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1917-c. 2010

Mary Gladys Lloyd Johnson was born in Ontario c. 1917 to John and Grace (née Shier) Lloyd. She grew up in Kaladar, Ontario within Lennox and Addington County with three siblings. Johnson was an avid photographer beginning in the 1930s, capturing her daily life and travels. In 1948, she formed the 1st North Addington Girl Guide Company. She also worked as a court stenographer. Additionally, she contributed to local organizations as a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary Branch 328 (Northbrook) of the Canada Legion of the British Empire Service League and the Secretary of the Belleville chapter of the Soroptimist Club (c. 1940s). In 1947, as reported in an Intelligencer newspaper clipping, Johnson was awarded with two personal gifts during the inaugural dinner meeting of the Belleville Soroptimist Club “in appreciation of her untiring efforts in assisting to organize the club, one from Soroptimist Bertha Hutchings, Peterboro, and one from the Belleville Club, by Miss Laura Johnston.” Johnson eventually moved to Northbrook, Ontario where she married John R. Johnson in 1957. She passed away in Northbrook, Ontario c. 2010.

Wright, Bernard Allan

  • Pessoa singular
  • c.1932-2014

Bernard Allan Wright was a schoolteacher who was married to Isabel Maud Clarke. He was president of the Hastings County Historical Society in the early 1990s. He died in Belleville, Ontario on 24 September 2014 at the age of 82.

Wright, Edward

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 2014

Young, George

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1834-1903

George Young was born in Ireland on 9 October 1834. He moved to Canada in 1850 and married Mary Louisa Ponus on 11 June 1863. By 1869 George Young was the publisher of The Courier newspaper in Trenton, Ontario. He died in Trenton on 11 November 1903.

Morton, Gerald Alexander

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1898-1981

Gerald Alexander Morton was born in Tweed, Ontario on 11 August 1898. He trained as a dentist but left the profession due to eye problems in 1929, when he joined his father's newspaper business. He became managing editor and, later, publisher of The Ontario Intelligener (called The Intelligencer from 1965). He died in Guelph on 13 May 1981.

Morton, William Herbert

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1869-1962

William Herbert Morton was born in Moira, Ontario, in 1869, the child of Alexander Morton and Mary (Sayers). He married Margaret Herity in 1893. William Morton worked in the cheese industry and in 1910 he and his brother-in-law, Owen Herity, bought the Daily Ontario and Weekly Chronicle newspapers from Thomas S. Carman. They took over the management of the newspaper on 15 April 1910. Herity sold his share to Morton in 1921 and in 1929 Morton bought The Intelligencer from the Bowell family. In April 1930 the two publications were combined into The Ontario Intelligencer. Morton died at the Belleville General Hospital on 16 May 1962.

Donninger, Rudolf

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 1969-2021

Rudolf Donninger lived in Belleville, Ontario, from 1969 to 1971, where he worked at Northern Electric.

Brown, Barry

  • Pessoa singular
  • fl. 2021

Riggs, William Bates

  • Pessoa singular
  • 1853-1937

William Bates Riggs was a bandleader, businessman, and in 1920, mayor of Belleville, Ontario. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 17th, 1853, he moved to Belleville in 1881 to become the Bandmaster of the Oddfellows Band, which later amalgamated with the 15th Battalion Band to become the Consolidated and Oddfellows Band. Under his direction for 20 years, it became one of the finest bands in eastern Canada.
He married Mary Priscilla Riggs (nee Nelson), and together they had four children: Leo Bates Riggs, Lester David Riggs, Wanda Elizabeth Riggs, and Vera Riggs (later Lewis).
In 1889, William Bates Riggs became a piano and organ retailer in Belleville, Ontario, also selling other musical instruments and sheet music. As the demand for automobiles rose, he realized their potential, and established Riggs Motor Sales in 1914. His garage and showrooms were successful from the start, and he held the first agency for Ford motor cars in Belleville.
William Bates Riggs was involved in the civic, social, and religious life of Belleville. He served as a member of the City Council for three years, and in 1920 was elected Mayor. He was a Life Deacon of Victoria Avenue Baptist Church, and was Sunday School superintendent for several years. He also served as a choir master for over 30 years. He took an active role in the organization YMCA, serving on its board and as president for 1 year.
William Bates Riggs was also a keen sportsman; he was an expert rifleman, and enjoyed hunting, fishing, and lawn bowling. He died on July 3rd, 1937 in Belleville.

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